turkish study group on wound healing

Celelettin R. Çelebi, MD

RECENT progress has put forward the importance and multidisciplinary character of Wound Healing in medicine. That is why a group of scientists and physicians from different specialities came together to emphasize the importance of this issue in Turkey in 1995. The first activity of this group was to publish, in 1996, the book entitled Wound Healing with All Aspect under the editorship of Prof. Cengizham Erdem and Dr. Celelettin R. Çelebi. This included all the basic knowledge on wound healing in Turkish with contributions from thirty seven scientists and physicians.

This textbook focused the attention of scientists and physicians on wound healing and epidemiological, clinical and biological studies appeared in Turkish Scientific Journals. After 1998 Wound Healing Sessions and workshops began to be included regularly in the National Medical and Bioengineering congresses. These activities gathered together specialists, allowing them to focus on the issue more and facilitating communication and interchanges.

The Turkish Study Group on wound healing had the intention of gathering together on a scientific platform, scientists, physicians and representatives of industry working in this field. It organized the first EuroAsian Wound Healing Days in Antalya on 1921 November 1999 (see photographs opposite). The meeting was supported by the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and the Turkish Mediterranean Society of Dermatology. The Oxford Wound Healing Institute also kindly agreed to take part in the organization. Prof. Şahin Yazar and Dr. George Cherry were the Presidents, and Dr. Celelettin R. Çelebi was appointed Secretary for the organization.

Honorary Board Members were: Prof. H. Gorkçora (TÜBİTAK); Prof. N. Cimsit (Hyperbaric Medicine Research Center); Prof. N. Hasirei (Polymer Science and Technology Society); Prof. E. Pişkin (Turkish Bioengineers' Asc.); Prof. Terence Ryan (International Foundation for Dermatology); Dean of the Medical Faculty, Prof. M. Baykara; and the Rector of Akdeniz University, Prof. Y. Uçar. Representatives of the Ministry of Health, Turkish Diabetologists,'Surgeons, General Practitioners, Biologists and Nurses were also invited.

The first two days of the platform were reserved for the Wound Healing course given by the well known and experienced Oxford Faculty. The objective of the course was to share, not only the basic knowledge of wound healing but also to provide information for clinical practice by 'handson workshops'.

The last day was for plenary lectures: Dr. Saylan (Germany) lectured on 'Cosmetological Approach to Wound healing'; Prof. Krieg (Germany) on 'Molecular and Cellular Basis of Wound Healing'; Prof. Hasirei (Turkey) on 'Biomaterials and Wound healing'; Prof. Kerdal (USA) on 'Inflammatory Ulcers'; Dr. Cherry (UK) on 'Importance of Understanding Pathophysiology of Common Chronic Wounds'; and Prof. Kirsner (USA) on 'Biology of Skin Grafting and Development of Bioengineered Tissue'. Free communications, posters and a round table on 'Status of Wound Healing in Turkey' were the activities of the last day.

Abstracts of Main/Plenary Lectures, Free Communications and Posters are located in the following web site:

Approximately 200 scientists/physicians and twelve representatives of Industry from Turkey and neighbouring countries (including Balkanian, Caucasian and the Middle-Eastern Regions) participated in this scientifically satisfactory meeting. The architecture of the venue site, Hotel Sun Rise Quenn, the warm atmosphere of Anatalya, the opening ceremony and the Gala Dinner are pleasant memories of social activities during this essential organization.

The study group plans to organise this activity traditionally every two years.

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        Volume 7, issue 2, 2000